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In addition to a wide assortment of meals, it also offers a fantastic selection of long drinks and cocktails. The central location makes the Cafe Bar a popular place to go. Booking in advance is recommended for the evening. Club Unrat For the past 17 years, das Unrat is the party location in the centre of Nuremberg.

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Party with friends, high spirits and good drinks. A harmonious blend of classic and time-tested drinks encounters new, exciting compositions. Die rote Bar Located in the Old Town directly at the river Pegnitz, this trendy bar with an extraordinary interior design is definitely a hotspot! Its programme offers live music and different events. Downtown The iconic basement bar in the castle district of Nuremberg offers you parties, cocktails and a certain feeldgood factor.

The music is all about 80ies and 90ies. Gelbes Haus An old-established bar in Nuremberg with character. The bar has been an address for sophisticated bar culture for over 25 years. There is a large selection of very good liquors and delicious cocktail variations. Hannemann The bar offers local beers, craft beers and long drinks at fair prices and alternative music.

Once a month a live band is playing and on the walls are changing exhibitions of regional artists. I'd like to be in Germany to stay. I'm a male from the US married to a German, so take my opinion with a grain of salt if you wish, but IMHO, you might have some culture shock if you date a German who hasn't spent a lot of time overseas. You don't have anything to lose by dating, though. I assume you don't have any kids since you didn't mention them. You might find these threads interesting, because I think you'll run into a few of the same cultural WTFs:.

Posted 6 Jan And I don't want any either. I'm not patient enough and have a bit of a vomit-phobia. I'd be not well-served with a child. Personally, I am not much of a fan of German men per se, but I do have a thing for Bavarians Wait until you move back here and then simply get out and about - go to meetings, whether for ex-pats, or locals, and see what is available - it's just like shopping really - you might find a blouse that you wear once or twice and then throw away, or you might find the ultimate, cuddly sweater that you love to wear and cuddle up in for the next thirty years or so, but if you never try them on, you won't know!!!

Since I would hate to lose my ability to speak English which I have of course honed over the past 10 years meetings with ex-pats would be nice anyway. Is there a large ex-pat community of 'single' people? I do realize this is not the MOST important thing, but since I am not too concerned about finding a job again I can focus on the other things in life that matter. And at 33 I still would like to find a partner to spend my time with.

leondumoulin.nl/language/prayer/pathology-of-the-human-embryo.php I've perused the links some as well. It seems a lot of things I have gotten used to but don't know if they are deal-breakers for me.

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My bigger concern is being able to communicate properly since of course my relationship talks have always taken place in English and never in German. I feel I may be out of touch so to speak with the lingo I think that the best way to find out if you'd find a compatible community for you in Franconia Nuremberg, Ansbach, or wherever is to spend some time here exploring. You can find communities of "in-pats", that is, not just American or British ex-pats, but people from all over in an international setting.

That includes German men and women who have a more international perspective than a traditional German one. Thankfully, most of that is accessible via the internet, so you can start exploring from anywhere in the world. As for dating, google for current dating website reviews to see which ones are currently popular, then invest a few bucks setting up a profile to explore.

Many of the US sites have direct German spinoffs subsidiary companies with identical functionality, and others have close copies by other companies. Most also have Tinder-like apps too. Some are focused on German-language populations DACH , others are European-wide, and others claim to be global though you have to actually do a search to see how many potential matches are in your target geographic area -- sometimes it's only a handful.

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The Nuremberg metro area has a number of large, global companies, most of which claim to have English as the company language even if in reality, they function primarily in German. So there are men and women who are probably more of a good cultural match for you than conservative Germans might be, certainly enough to form communities that you'll have to discover.

I'm in the process of doing that myself, trying to meet people outside of work, for a healthier balance. No worries about losing your English skills, though. If you move to Bayern, I'd be more concerned about losing your German. I've started to do some of this when I was there used Tinder which I already had, fully aware what it is Good enough for a quick look.

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I also signed up for Finya but most there are rather "German" I am german and dare to say I'm not so "German" anymore. But I'm just establishing contacts, friends, getting some circles out there. I like my movies in original sound so they have to be able tI keep up there I wish Germany didn't dub Posted 8 Jun Hi, I'm sorry I had fallen off the face of the earth for a while.

I was recovering from the breakup - and still am. Sometimes the thoughts of moving home fade, and then they re-appear when reality sets in. Like a close friend same age, same lifestyle of fitness and health was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being so far from family the thoughts rush in "What would I do? Who would be there for me? How would I pay for treatment? I've joined the Nuernberg Expat Meetup but of course haven't had a chance to attend anything since I'm so far.

And I most likely won't have the funds to travel to Germany this year either But unfortunately citizenship app can be done in August and then they will take probably 9 months to get it done they're a bit behind right now.

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Finding them is easy with our totally FREE Nuremberg dating service. Sign up today to browse the FREE personal ads of available Bayern singles, and hook up . site and a casual/hookup-based site being run by the same company. Most also The Nuremberg metro area has a number of large, global.

I'm going to try and be more active again, and I'm signed up for a couple of "German" dating sites which I must say I've had some very rude people tell me to "stay where I am This is following a tangent instead of your main topic, I hope you do not mind my asking. I am curious as to how you plan to be a dual citizen.

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The Germany I know who acquired US or Australian citizenship had to give up their German passports because German law only recognizes dual citizenship if a person is born with it and in a few, rare, asylum like cases. Posted 9 Jun HeidelbergHadley - No, don't mind at all.

Up until a few years ago could be around 10 now that was the rule with America and Germany as well. In order to be a dual citizen you need to obtain a Beibehaltungsgenehmigung nice long word from the German government before you apply!! You can get this if you can provide enough valid reasons as to why you need to keep it if you are going to take on another citizenship voting is not a valid reason in this case.

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I'm waiting on my document to be extended right now because I had a delay in my US citizenship. Only when you have the actual document in hand can you 'safely' apply to be a citizen of another country.

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Additionally I think it is outrageous that I can lose the citizenship of a country I am born in. I know England doesn't do this As I have said, I have only heard of refugee type situations where there could be, in the future, a change in government that makes returning to a home country possible where the exception has been made. If you do not mind sharing, can you tell me some about what sorts of "valid reasons" the German government accepts?