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It may seem obvious, but reading over the instruction manual can be immensely helpful for a successful printer installation. Every printer is different, so give it a skim and get to work! Plug it into the desired outlet and make sure both ends of the cord are secured.

Whether you install a wired or a wireless printer, verify the results of the setup as your final step. After many visits from your technicians and the person who was to bury the cable, it was up and running in August, I faithfully paid each monthly bill even though I was not receiving what I was paying for. Since this is a summer home, I cancelled the service on Nov.

Number with someone named Megan. According to your customer service rep, it took 2 weeks for you to turn off my service, Dec. This is purely disgusting!!

4285 Frontier Communications Consumer Reviews and Complaints

So, I called your 1 He tells me I owe the full amount and there is nothing he can do. I sent this to the CEO Ok, show we were that is in writing Talked to 5 people, no answer, they could not find this in print. Another supervisor got on the line, and said we will get this going, he hung up on me when he transferred me. So, I gave up, I paid for the 12 mpbs my max, in small town 11 miles from Microsoft , I had no choice. I believe this is the plan to constant lower the speed to make you upgrade. Since they have been deregulated they can legally reduce your bandwidth and says its the network thats slowing your connection down.

This is why all of us were against deregulating the internet service.

I am sorry for all us moving forward, since frontier has 1. I actually got wrote up by supervisor for escalating a ticket for a customer with a due date 1 month out. Constantly stressed out because we are told not to create tickets. Most agents hang up on you if you get angry, management doesn't care. A lot of agents hang up if you need a ticket put in place because metrics are affected for creating one. Underpaid and overly stressed and Harvey Mcreynolds a supervisor in Allen can eat a sick. I hate that company and I'm telling you now after working there for 6 years leave.

I had my home phone temporarily suspended on because I needed to sign an FCC form that states I will provide electricity, internet for my phone and that I will provide a backup battery in case of a power outage - as they don't want to be responsible if I can't call I called Customer Service to have them explain this form before I signed it. I especially wanted to have them explain the battery backup.

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I told him that 4 people in my house have cell phones, so backup battery on a home phone is not a concern. Two days later, I still have no working phone. Wow - if I was a person with no cell phone, I couldn't have called if I had an emergency - and the FCC is worried about it. I started a chat room conversation on Frontier to solve problem. That is another frustrating process.

They want to ask you in separate responses your home phone number, confirm your email and cell phone in case we get disconnected. They ended up rebooting my modem and phone now works. Since they suspended the phone in the first place for some FCC rule, they should have made sure that those steps were done without me having to call. I made order but a few days later they "changed mind". I decided to transfer phone number to another company. After that they again agreed to provide me this service for the requested price.

Nevertheless they are trying the second time to charge me for the old price. I again called customer service today informing them that conversation is recorded. I am waiting for manager call. Transferring residential phone number to a business service was terrible experience. Residential customer service answered they have nothing to do with business service and vice versa. The same time I decided to change number of rented static IPs. At the scheduled date they disconnected service at 3 a. My web site went down.

I spent hours on the phone trying to figure out a new setting.

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They reconnecting service just at English is not my native language. I have strong but understandable accent. One operator tried to abuse me pretending she absolutely does not understand me - even simplest words like "one", "four", etc. They acknowledge that my bill was paid timely and I have a zero balance due, but "Sir, your service has been disconnected and we cannot explain why".

I asked the "Office of the President" why they cut all my services off last night, and I was basically told "The person I need to speak with has gone home". I was supposed to have my telephone number ported to another carrier, so it seems as if this is Frontier's retribution.

If a person leaves for one service, cut off ALL services and the hell with them. The "Office of the President" is nothing IMHO more than an extension of the rip-off that is Frontier, and they staff it with glorified collection agents. When I demanded my service be reinstated because I am NOT late on my payment which they, and the billing department acknowledged , these jerkwads told me "If you want service, you'll have to undergo another credit check, but I can try to work around that. Then we will assign you a new telephone number, and we can then put in a request to see if we can get your old number back.

Frontier has no right to discontinue service without notice. Their Terms of Service state that they must give 30 day's notice I am disabled and rely upon a medical "panic button" in case I fall, etc..

Frontier Internet Service

Some of you may think "He must have done something to get his account disconnected". The answer to that is "NO We all know there is no such thing as "Porting TV and Internet", there is no law, no regulation, etc.. I honestly feel this calls for a complaint to the FCC and also perhaps to an attorney to take Frontier to arbitration.

Disconnect all services to an elderly disabled person? Frontier is the worst company in the history of ISP's and other services. They refuse to re-negotiate contracts and it appears they are vindictive and as reprehensible as everyone else here feels they are again, that is my personal opinion. God bless all of you who are dealing with this sham of a company and even if you aren't God bless you, as well! It is so dang frustrating trying to reason with any of them. Then I read online about lawsuits against them for some of their billing practices. Now I know why.

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And don't get me started on the Better Business Bureau Now I'm paying almost twice as much for a small fraction of the internet speed. Frontier's phone Tech Support is horrible. They say the problem is at my location, not with its network.

Ottawa, ON, CAN

You can do more to get the best performance from your wireless network. There are two ways to connect a computer to your High-Speed Internet network. Install your FiOS, Vantage or High-Speed Internet and TV equipment with Frontier's installation instructions and Quick Setup and Self-Installation Guides. Get up and running quickly when you install your Frontier internet and TV yourself. You can do more to get the best performance from your wireless network. Here are.

They claim the problem is with my router's firmware being out of date and I need to manually upgrade my firmware. However, the Frontier website says router firmware is automatically updated over their network, and the customer does not need to worry about this. The website provides no instructions for a customer to update his own firmware and no way to download a firmware image file that is necessary to do this. The online chat for tech support on the Frontier website is a big zero. I can't even start a chat session.

Nefarious billing practices and unauthorized hidden charges. Exorbitant billing increases at every turn. Bogus promotions that arbitrarily cease to exist. Non existent customer service and customer appreciation. A company that prides itself on offering the most barbaric form of customer service on the entire planet. Frontier customer support representatives are world class dilettantes with a penchant for humiliating and terrorizing well meaning customers. Customers who are attempting to solve problems and resolve issues. They would much rather yell and scream at a customer over the phone than provide a sound solution or a reasonable alternative.

Threatening customers with bodily harm and violence is completely acceptable behavior and common protocol at Frontier Communications.

We look forward to each and every one of their calls because they help to make the day pass quickly and they provide good entertainment. We absolutely thrive on the confrontation and on their anger. At lunchtime we would compare notes with one another and see who had the most pissed off customer of the day. I made one old bitch so angry that she peed her pants and then started crying like a little baby.