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I swooned over and over again over how sweet and wonderful he was, and especially appreciated how much it was reinforced that if one of them faltered, the other would always have their back. But their new-found trust in each other was put to the test when a long-kept secret rocked Trent's world and brought him to his knees. It was intense, it was shocking to him, and it changed everything he thought he knew about his world. But I absolutely loved seeing them work through this crisis together and really take their relationship to the next level with the way they supported each other through it.

My heart has always belonged to him.

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But I absolutely loved seeing them work through this crisis together and really take their relationship to the next level with the way they supported each other through it. She understands all the ins and outs in the industry and is excited to bring that wealth of knowledge to DatingNews. Get it free with day trial. Corinne has a gift for writing. He knew he'd made mistakes but losing her like that showed him that no matter what he had been worried about with regards to their future, nothing could possibly be worse than losing her and he also realized that this was his last chance to make things right. Which only served to make it that much more devastating when my heart and soul were ripped out and torn apart!

My heart never stopped racing and I couldn't read the pages fast enough! It was gorgeous, romantic, a little heart-breaking, but so incredibly fulfilling.

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It was everything I could have hoped for from this love story! Mar 09, Louise Roach rated it it was amazing Shelves: Corinne does this to me with every book she writes, she blows me away with her writing, the story and journey she creates, and the feelings she evokes from me. I've wanted Trent's story for ages, but this will make you see him so differently and fall in love with him even more.

And of course Grace - she is strong, kind, and resilient. A wonderful book with some brilliant characters, and of course plenty of our other favourites from Bell Buckle. I'm not giving away any spoilers about the story line itself, or what happens, but trust me when I say this is yet another wonderful book from Corinne that you WILL NOT want to miss!!

It will make you feel every single emotion out there and more. Corinne really is a wonderful story teller!! An absolute must read!!

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Feb 22, Beverly rated it it was amazing. Trent is finally HERE! With Corinne I never know what to expect. Even when I try to predict things I am usually wrong or just when I think things are safe, I am proven wrong again. Little did I know the first curveball would be my heart breaking for Grace.

Grace and Trent have been together for twenty years, but he has never fully committed to her. Then when I read the first chapter I immediately got Grace and my heart hurt for her.

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I felt her pain and just wanted the best for her. Lastly, you should know I am not a fan of second chance romances, they create doubt for me. So I was a fully supporting Grace finding her true love with however that might be. However, the further I read the more I was questioning everything I felt. It allowed me to understand them both so clearly and in the end, I was cheering for these two.

Corinne delivered their story in such a way that you had to cheer for them.

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You could see and feel that they both deserved their epic love. I love how well the characters were developed and how their story immediately pulled you in. The writing was raw, emotional and gave me all the feels! If you have read even one I know you are ready for more Henningtons and don't need any convincing! ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 3 comments. Jun 05, KAS rated it really liked it. Stars Questions swirled right out of the gate concerning the oldest Hennington brother.

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Is he really this much of a jerk, or is Grace just that weak? There must be underlying issues for Trent's behavior, right? Will Grace discover her inner strength and regain any independence?

I was intrigued, and baffled, and I had to find out what roads their relationship was going to take. I'm done being the girl who's waitin' around, hoping you'll finally admit that you love her. I can't do it anymore. Twenty long, stupid years! She is sick and tired of waiting for him to claim her as his girl. Tired of loving a man who will never reciprocate those feelings and marry her.

All she is to him is a part-time lover.

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Although she is still madly in love with Trent, it is time to move on. There is another man who is quite interested in dating her. She doesn't want to lead him on though, but dang, he is so fine looking. Unfortunately that man is her best friend's brother. He and Trent are also childhood friends, at least they were.

Yep, this is probably a really bad idea, but then again, maybe not! Trent cannot figure out what has gotten into Grace. He cannot believe she is actually going out on a date with another guy, and not just any guy, but a supposed friend. Everyone knows Grace is HIS!! Yeah, yeah, he has commitment issues and pulls away from her, but he apologizes and she always comes back to him. There is no way he is going to let her date another man right in front of him, no way he is going to lose her.

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He will go insane! She has always known the score, and surely she knows by now he has always loved her, but just has no desire to marry. He is fighting too many demons. This was a sweet story I read in nearly one sitting.

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My questions were answered, and for the most part, to my satisfaction. At first I wasn't routing for Trent at all, but he did redeem himself and I found myself on team Trent. However, I could have stood a bit more groveling on his part. I was pleased with their HEA and the overall ending. A few curve balls were thrown into the mix, which added intrigue. I loved these characters and totally enjoyed this series!

Looks like we will be getting Cooper's story in a novella next spring. View all 51 comments. It's got to be one of my top reads of the year for me. Emotional, page turning and gripping. Ok enough of the yabbling, so what's it about? Trent Hennington the oldest of the brothers and boy has Corinne saved the best until last. Trent is a broken hero only cause he's let Grace be and not committed to her, which hurt Grace but he just wanted to live his life, lick the icing without taking the whole cake home if your getting my meaning? Their their relationship has been going on for a long time so Grace has enough and takes a break which in turn makes Trent wake up.

I'm not going to go on about the plot as there are a few twists and turns that will keep you wanting more and feeling more. Just know that this book has depth and will make you FEEL a lot, I had my tissues out a few times not only because of Gracie and Trent but because of the family. These reads always hit home for me, I'm very much a home gal I much prefer to be with my family above anyone else and obviously close friends which is what this series is intimately about a united family that teams together through thick and thin.

Concerning Trent and Gracie and what comes of them, I loveddddd Trent he is everything I love in an hero, he's slightly broken has a difference to the other brothers. Has always been on his own and so he just needs that one girl to be there for him. To let Gracie in and her him too.

He is edgy, strong but also very loving like all the Henningtons are, they're loyal and Trent is no different. The Romance, the chemistry between them had me feeling every ounce of what they are.

I devoured it, didn't breathe until I was done, this book was beautiful from beginning to end. A highly recommended read for anyone who loves the edgier hero and books that make you feel. ARC generously gifted in exchange for a honest review For more reviews and blog posts View all 13 comments.