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I'm going to make some generalizations here based on experience but these are broad, bold strokes. This is CL bread and butter. This was me my first time. These people just want some kind of contact. Their self-esteem is shot for one reason or another and they just want to close their eyes and be important to someone for an evening. Expect lots of talking and nervous laughter, very little eye contact, and even less physical contact. God help you both if neither of you have the fortitude to make the first move. I've been locked in a mindless chatter stalemates hours before one of us finally got the balls to do something about it.

Breaking the contact barrier here is key. Once it's down, things happen fast. Expect emails and texts afterwards looking for followup encounters, regardless of performance. I've done several of these, both male-male-female and female-female-male. Expect more of the former and none of the latter. Every single one of these that I've done, the couple has been into "the scene".

They've done this before and they know what they like and don't like. I've walked into the home of a middle aged couple, introduced myself, and had both parties strip down immediately and invite me to do the same. There has never been awkward small talk - it's always straight to business. Be polite and respectful. Ask if you're not sure.

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Speak up if you're not comfortable. Be as open and honest as they are and you'll have a blast. If you're a fast shooter, get some benzocaine condoms or just don't even fucking bother as they won't have patience for this shit. You're putting on a performance here.

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Also, the cop just assumed I was her boyfriend when he told me about the bailing her out stuff. I never thought that someone would do something like that. Here is where things start to deviate. She replied, we made small chat about why we were resorting to CL, etc. I met one of my now closest friends through craigslist; we hooked up a few times and then just started hanging out a lot.

Be up to the challenge or you won't be invited back. Again, this is no-nonsense shit. Communicate your level of comfort and listen to theirs. Relax and have a good time. When in doubt, pull the penis out. Open marriages are fucking hit or miss. Respect and communication is key. Respect the sanctity of their marriage and communicate your feelings and comfort level. I was recently a third in a pretty hot open marriage situation.

Myself and missus went on several dates and, apart from the references to her husband, this was very much like a regular relationship. We went to a concert, we had drinks, we talked about our past, present, and hopes for the future. And the end of the night we would make out in my car. She whipped this tiny vibrator out of her purse and started stroking my cock with it at one point.

Jesus, that was hot. When we finally fucked, she was insatiable and it was mind blowing. Towels were ruined, sheets were soiled, and half a box of condoms were destroyed by her passion. Which all sounds well and good, right? The problem with open marriages, in my experience, is that one side is pushing for this situation while the other party is just complying to keep the marriage happy.

Turns out that, unless you're a cuckold, letting some dude fuck your wife might be a great to keep her happy but it's a really TERRIBLE way to keep yourself happy. Stay away from this shit. It's all the work of a typical relationship but you get no relationship "rights".

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You're an interloper and can be dismissed by either party at any time with no say in the matter. Last night I walked into a cramped, messy apartment. A pudgy girl with a cute smile asked me if I found her place alright, which I had. She asked if I wanted to chat or just get into it. It was late and I was all done with chatting for the day.

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She laid down and we started making out. She came HARD, took a breather, and then blew me it was an unremarkable blow job. Afterwards we lay together for a handful of minutes before I sighed, sat up, and got dressed. I smiled and said, "Short and sweet, eh? I will never speak to this girl again. If you're a woman, be up front about what you want and what you expect. Demand pictures and voice verification.

Meet in a public place during the day or early evening. Provide the condoms and put them on the guy yourself. Tell someone where you are and what you're doing.

If you're a guy, don't bother posting. You're going to wind up with a inbox full of spam. Don't send pictures of your cock as it's utterly uninteresting. Send a pleasant, PG face picture.

Say something about yourself in your response. Describe your personality and what you want. Be polite and not overly aggressive. Don't push hard for a meet, but don't be afraid to suggest it. Be prepared to move from email, to texting, to a meet over the course of several days. This will be the rule more than the exception.

Of course, none of this applies if you're a hard body with a fabulous unicorn cock that spurts rainbows and butterfly farts. This is only for those pasty, average looking, 20 something guys like myself. I've managed to stay clean throughout all of my encounters.

I was in Phoenix and I hooked up with a lady that was much older. She was about 50, I was about She had a serious drinking problem. She gave me jacked up directions to her house because she was so drunk. I finally got there and she had a good body and kinda pretty so we kicked it and drank. Finally got down to business and she was wild in the sack! She let me do anything I wanted front and back.

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It got a little dark when she asked me to take my belt and spank her while in doggy. I have to admit, I kind of liked it, but I still felt guilty i don't know why. The second time we hooked up she was playing a lot of online video poker. She was drunk as usual and random guys keep sending her dick pics through the game. I noticed that her feet were really dry, especially around the heel. That's a huge turn-off for me so I volunteered to put some lotion on them for her. After I applied the lotion she abruptly told me that I had to leave. I called her again, but she never answered.

I never saw her again. Oh, I almost forgot, she would get blackout drunk and the first time i was there she slipped in the bathroom and fell down hard. I guess she was so loaded she just got right back up and acted as though nothing had happened. She was really good in the sack though. This is quite possibly the greatest thread I have ever had the pleasure of wasting hours reading.

Describes every single detail of the dirty house, vaguely mentions what the girl looks like or what the sex was like. You should have rented your own car and gotten a hotel room if you had all that money and the house was that bad. Not sure if you're a troll but it was a decent read.

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I don't care if he's trolling or not. I'm just happy there was no Loch Ness monster at the end of it. Several years ago I was bored and horny so I looked on the casual ads and found one for a decent looking girl, close to my age, and not looking for anything serious.