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Jewish singles to meet. It quickly broke out of that community and has become the hippest way to look for love.

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The appeal is that you can meet a lot of people very quickly, which traditionally could have meant months of dating. It is also in some ways less demoralising than regularly trawling singles columns or dating websites. David, a speed dater from the South East, says, "I think it's for those people who are cash rich time poor.

It's a very good way of meeting a large number of the opposite sex in a fun environment and in a condensed period of time. I would definitely do it again and encourage a friend of either sex to come along and give it a whirl". Luci, another speed dater, says, "It's a great way to meet new people but a gamble as to whether you're going to meet anyone".


However efficiency isn't everything. If your life means that you find it difficult to devote time to finding love, will you have enough time to nurture love if you find it?

If speed dating represents the modern solution for the "cash rich; time poor" to find love, does it also mark the death of romance, or just another evolutionary step in human courtship? Speed dating may be the new way to meet, but after that first date it's down to more traditional methods of dating to ensure love blossoms.

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Then it comes down to care, consideration and time. The challenge is whether speed daters can find time for another in their busy schedules. Perhaps there will be a growth in speed relationships where you don't ever to have to spend more than a few minutes at a time with your "partner". Cornish tea Inside Out goes behind the scenes at Cornwall's tea plantation.

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Keep in touch and receive your free and informative Inside Out updates. We are not adding any new comments to this page but you can still read some of the comments previously submitted by readers. I cant find one but the idea is great.

I work full time and live in a very small village so no opportunity to meet anyone. Speed dating would suit me. If you know a speed dating agency in Gill's area, let her know by filling in the comment form above. John Horne I wouldn't try Speed Dating or even Dating Agency's, If I couldn't find the love of my life, which at the moment is none existant, then I would just stay single. It's proving very popular with Britain's young people who find that they haven't got the time to meet that special one. At a speed dating event you are given three minutes to talk, one on one, with a member of the opposite sex.

Then a bell is rung and you move to another person and start chatting again. By the end of the evening you will have spoken with up to twenty men or women!

If, by the end of a conversation, you fancy the person or would like to see them again, you write it down on a card. Then, if the other person also fancies you, the organisers will contact you with their details.

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But is three minutes long enough to make an impression and work out if you want to see someone again? Research suggests that chemistry can be felt within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, and that is what speed dating is all about, knowing quickly if you are going to like someone. And what about romance?

Is it possible to make a good judgment in such a short time? After all, people say you can't hurry love. However, Britain will soon have its first marriage from a speed date. So, if you are on a mission to find Mr or Miss Right, what have you got to lose?